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Dan has a problem (and it’s not just talking about himself in the third person). Presumably there’s a 12 step program for Gear Acquisition Syndrome. But until Dan’s through that, he’s incredibly fortunate to enjoy an embarrassment of equipment. There are links through to the luthier (click on their name) and, for some, to build threads on the Acoustic Guitar Forum (click on the model). GUITARS: PREAMPS & EFFECTS: Pendulum SPS1 // Neural DSP Quad Cortex // Dtar Solstice // Lexicon MPX550 reverb // Strymon Big Sky reverb // FMR Audio RNC stereo compressor // Electro Harmonix 22500 looper // Boss OC3 ocatver // TC Electronic Hypergravity multiband compressor ACOUSTIC PICKUPS: K&K Pure Mini // Seymour Duncan MagMic // Mimesis // Fishman Rare Earth Blend // L R Baggs M1, M1a, Lyric and I-Beam // Submarine ACOUSTIC STRINGS: Elixir (Phosphor Bronze (12-56 and 13-56; 80/20 Baritone; and custom sets) // Wyres coated Phosphor Bronze (custom sets) AMPS: Blackstar Sonnet 120 // Yamaha THR10c // Positive Grid Spark   ACCESSORIES: Planet Waves Dual Action capo // G7 Heritage capo // Peterson Strobe Clip on and Strobosoft tuners // E-bow // Wolfram Precision Crystal nail file // Ergoplay // Footrest // Bow // Brunner harp trebles STUDIO GEAR:
  • Microphones: CAD VX2 // 2 x Gefell M300 // 3 x CAD M179 // 2 x DPA 4060 // DPA d:vote Core 4099 // Audio Technica AT4033a // Rode NT2a // 2 x Studio Projects C4 // Behringer B5 // 2 x sE Electronics SE8 // Shure SM57
  • Preamps: DAV BG2 (The Broadhurst Gardens No. 2) // Audient Mico // Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre // RME UCX // Little Labs Red Eye // SPL GoldMike
  • Effects: TC Electronic M3000 reverb // Roland VG-8 // Johnson J-Station
  • Interfaces: RME UCX // EMU Ensoniq PARIS with 3 x EDS cards, MEC (with ADAT, addition 8 in and 8 out interface cards) and 442
  • Monitoring: Neumann KH310a // PMC TB2+ with PMC XB1p sub powered by Flying Mole DAD M100 digital monoblocks // BK Electronics XXLS400 sub // Drawmer CMC2 monitor controller // AKG, Beyer D150 and Nuraphone headphones 
  • Controllers: Ensoniq C16 // Behringer, B-Control Fader BCF2000 // RME Remote Control // Studiologic and Fatar keyboards // Behringer FCB1010
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