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Dan has a problem. And it’s not just talking about himself in the third person. Presumably there’s a 12 step program for Gear Acquisition Syndrome. But until Dan’s through that, he’s incredibly fortunate to enjoy an embarrassment of equipment …



LIVE ACOUSTIC PREAMPS: Pendulum SPS1 / Dtar Solstice

LIVE ACOUSTIC EFFECTS: Lexicon MPX550 reverb / Strymon Big Sky reverb / FMR Audio RNC stereo compressor / Electro Harmonix 22500 looper / Boss OC3 ocatver/ TC Electronic Hypergravity multiband compressor

ACOUSTIC PICKUPS: K&K Pure Mini / Seymour Duncan MagMic / Fishman Rare Earth Blend / L R Baggs M1, M1a, Lyric and I-Beam

ACOUSTIC STRINGS: Elixir (Phosphor Bronze (12-56 and 13-56; 80/20 Baritone; and custom sets) / Wyres coated Phosphor Bronze (custom sets)

AMPS/MONITORING: AER Compact 60 / Yamaha THR10c

ACCESSORIES: Planet Waves Dual Action capo / G7 Heritage capo / Peterson Strobe Clip on and Strobosoft tuners / E-bow / Wolfram Precision Crystal nail file


  • Microphones: CAD VX2 / 3 x CAD M179 / 2 x DPA 4060 / DPA d:vote Core 4099 / Audio Technica AT4033a / Rode NT2a / 2 x Studio Projects C4 / Behringer B5 / 2 x sE Electronics SE8 / Shure SM57
  • Preamps: DAV BG2 (The Broadhurst Gardens No. 2) / Audient Mico / Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre / RME UCX / Little Labs Red Eye / SPL GoldMike
  • Effects: TC Electronic M3000 reverb / Roland VG-8 / Johnson J-Station
  • Interfaces: RME UCX / EMU Ensoniq PARIS with 3 x EDS cards, MEC (with ADAT, addition 8 in and 8 out interface cards) and 442
  • Monitoring: Neumann KH310a / PMC TB2+ with PMC XB1p sub powered by Flying Mole DAD M100 digital monoblocks
  • Controllers: Ensoniq C16 / Behringer, B-Control Fader BCF2000 / RME Remote Control / Studiologic and Fatar keyboards / Behringer FCB1010